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WELCOME! My name is Sherry Whay, and this is our story...

My career in the professional sports industry started when I refused to take “no” for an answer. I was determined to make an impact in the business of sport. That fervor and determination is what helped me transition from a professional athlete’s Financial Advisor to a Manager and Agent, working to enhance sportspersons' careers through business opportunities and sponsorships. During my tenure, I was named Senior Vice President - Golf Division at one of the largest sports marketing agencies in the world, where I gained valuable knowledge and developed critical skills to be successful in this ever-evolving business.

After more than two decades in the corporate golf world, I embarked on a journey to launch my own business as a female in a male-dominated industry. I was motivated to make this change because I began to realize how business had become more transactional and less about relationships and unique solutions, which were huge parts of my fighting mantra. With my experience and passion as driving forces, Fairwhay Management opened for business in 2011.

I am proud to say that, after years of productiveness and persistence, Fairwhay Management is an emerging boutique, sports marketing and talent management firm specializing in golf. We focus on athlete management, and marketing consultation services. Our team has more than three decades of combined experience in the industry, allowing us to bring significant corporate know-how to our clients, all while operating in a very personalized environment. Our work ethic and values have helped us to develop and maintain a vast network of loyal relationships that have continued to grow during our tenure in the business. This gives us a very strong foundation to assist our talent and corporate partners to achieve ultimate success.

Fairwhay is not only my business, it’s truly my family. Our team, athletes and clients are all very important to me, and I have been overjoyed with the sustained growth and successes of the Fairwhay Family.


Fairwhay is successful because of the support and talents of many others.   I am honored to introduce you to the team.